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Orange Lakes

Orange Lakes Residential Community is a premier residential complex situated in KM 51 of the Cairo-Alexandria Desert road, west of Cairo. Set against a spectacular backdrop of orange tree plantations, water features and beautiful homes lined with extensive grassed areas, Orange Lakes was carefully designed to incorporate all elements of a self-sufficient community from shopping and home requirements to entertainment and wellness facilities. It aims at providing its residents access to every day needs while offering the tranquility of a private gated community. The 700 feddan complex offers a variety of standalone villas with different designs and sizes to meet the needs of either newlyweds looking for modesty while at the same time having the luxury and privacy of a villa, or a big family looking for spaciousness both indoors and outdoors. All villas are overlooking either green parks, lakes or landscaped areas. The smartly designed homes come in different sizes with a choice between modern Californian or classical English styles. Scrupulous attention ensured that all designs and color schemes were in perfect harmony with the prevailing environment. And given the generous "landscape / builtup area" ratio, the compound looks more like a massive park community than a straight forward residential complex. For entertainment, the complex hosts a fully equipped clubhouse (already operating), a community center and an equestrian club with a 10 km track enclosing the entire compound. In a world where life is hectic, where peace of mind is a scarcity, where breathing unpolluted air is an exception, and where harmonizing with nature has become key to a healthy lifestyle, we invite you to where all of the above is a priority rather than just something to yearn for.

Orange Lakes Residential Community | كمبوند اورنج ليك

MA 12052

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Orange Lakes, Compounds In Cairo Alex Road, Cairo Alexandria Desert Road

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Plot Area
700 sqm
Building Area
445 sqm